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Our Mortgage Originators Work Less and Get Paid More

At 1st Step Financial Services, Inc., “If you take the 1st Step, we’ll handle the rest”.  This speaks directly to the individuals who originate for us.

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As a Mortgage Originator, your primary tasks are as follows;

  • Marketing, Identifying & Soliciting Viable Loan Applicants
  • Sending Borrower(s) our Loan Application Link
  • Following Up as needed with Borrower(s) until Closing
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Our Loan Processing Team will handle the rest which includes;

  • Pulling the Credit
  • Placing the Borrower in the Correct Program (that delivers desired benefit)
  • Pricing the Loan
  • Packaging the Loan
  • Preparing the Proposal and Providing a List of Items Needed to Proceed
  • Processing the Loan from Start to Finish
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