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Our Model is Ideal for Dual Licensed Real Estate Agents!

We are currently licensed to operate in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, three states that allow Real Estate Agents to operate as both Realtor and Mortgage Loan Originator on Buyer’s transactions.  For more information, read below;

District of Columbia



So this model is 100% compliant and it requires no more work than most Realtors would typically do anyway for any Buyer Client, the only remaining question is, Is there one logical reason why someone would not want to double their compensation on every single Buyer Transaction?  The answer is a resounding No!!

Licensing Requirements are simple and the cost is 100% reimbursed

State Licensing requirements in most states are similar, but can vary.   The key thing is that the requirements are easy to meet.  The first step is completion of the 20 Hour SAFE Course, which can be taken online.  The cost associated can range between $200-$250.  Once complete, the state licensing exam can be scheduled for approximately $110.00.  When you receive a passing grade, you are pretty much ready to submit your Licensing Application.  For the State of Maryland, for example, the only items remaining consist of;

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Credit Report
  • Disclosure Questions
  • Previous Mortgage Activity Affidavit

The total fees, including SAFE Class and Test, are only $600 – $650 in Maryland and this amount is 100% reimbursable, when you close your first loan with us, providing you complete the process within 60 days of taking your SAFE Course.

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President CEO / Sr. Mortgage Originator
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